BOB’s Jocks

Steve Rohan

Show Info: Monday-Friday 6 – 10AM
Steve’s already had two pots of coffee before you get going in the morning. As the host of “Wake Up With Bob”, Steve plays a ton of music and keeps you updated on weather and traffic for your drive to work.
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John Nene

Show Info: Monday-Friday 10AM – 2PM and Sunday 10AM – 3PM
The only things you need during your workday are to hear lots of great songs and for your boss to leave you alone. Well, John can help you with the first–incorporating Bob’s idea of “We Play Anything”
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Sean Stevens

Show Info: Monday-Friday 2 -7PM
Sean vows to continue to play anything for your trip home. And don’t worry, Sean will keep you updated on what’s going on around town and with traffic, too.
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Rob Allen

Show Info: Monday-Friday 7PM – 12 Midnight
Rob takes care of Bob’s station during the nighttime hours. It’s good to have somebody around who really enjoys being on-the-air and, at the same time, doesn’t mind running the sweeper around the studio.
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Al Cannon

Show Info: Tuesday-Friday 12AM – 6AM and Saturday 10AM – 3PM
Al makes sure the world keeps spinning during those crazy overnight hours and will be the first to let you know if it doesn’t. What better reason to listen?
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