Tattoos 9-13-13


Amazing 3-D Tattoos


Tattoos--this morning on the Nine at Nine!
Ozzy Osbourne- 15 Tats Including Ozzy On His Knuckles, Happy Faces On His Knees, Thanks On His Palms…Has Had His Dragon Tat Re-Colored Twice

Katy Perry- 5 Including A Smiling Strawberry, Jesus And Go With The Flow

Slash- Gitanes Cigarette Logo, Skull & Crossbones W/Top Hat On His Chest & A Cat On His Waist, Lips W/Cigarette On His Right Shoulder, All Of Which He Designed

Pink- Over 20 Including A Barcode On Her Neck…Husband Carey Hart Owns A Chain Of Tat Parlors

Keith Urban- 5 Including An Eagle And Nicole With Hearts

Tommy Lee- 47

Janet Jackson- 4 Including A Scorpion And A Sexually Explicit Mickey And Minnie Mouse On Hip

Adam Levine- Including 222 On His Forearm, A Tiger On His Right Arm And A 9/11 Tat On His Left Arm

Christina Aguilera- 5 Tattoos Including Her Nickname Xtina On Neck And A Flower On Her Left Wrist



1. Mama, I'm Coming Home
Ozzy Osbourne

2. The One That Got Away
Katy Perry

3. Sweet Child O' Mine
Guns 'N Roses (Slash)

4. Who Knew?

5. You'll Think of Me
Keith Urban

6. Smokin' in the Boys Room
Motley Crue

7. Nasty
Janet Jackson

8. Moves Like Jagger
Maroon Five/Christina Aguilera (Adam Levine)

9. Tattoo
Van Halen












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