Musician Painters 2-20-14


50 Most Famous Paintings of All Time

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Musicians Who Also Express Their Creativity With A Brush, Chalk, Pen Or Pencil
…The Audio/Visual 9 @ 9 aka Pop Picasso’s

David Bowie…Attended Art School, Helped Start An Artbook Publishing Co. 21
Johnny Cash…Nearly 190 Paintings…Most Famous Called Flight Published In 1993
John Mellencamp…Began In The Late ‘80’s…First Exhibition Was At The Butler Institute Of American Art In Youngstown, OH In 2013
John Lennon…Attended Art School In Liverpool Before The Beatles Became His Full Time Occupation…Has A Permanent Collection At The Museum Of Modern Art In NYC
Paul McCartney…Started Seriously In ’82…First Exhibit Was In 1999 In Germany
Joni Mitchell…Started In 7th Grade And Credits Painting With Helping Her Poetry And Lyrics
Jerry Garcia…Went To The California School Of Fine Arts…Created Nearly 500 Pieces Between ’85 And ’95…Artwork Translated Into The Jerry Garcia Tie Collection
Cat Stevens…First Love Was Art…Designed And Drew His Own Lp Covers
Ron Wood…Artist In Residence At Castle Fine Art…Latest Collection Celebrates 50 Years Of The Rolling Stones



1. Ziggy Stardust
David Bowie

2. Ring of Fire
Johnny Cash

3. Crumblin' Down
John Mellencamp

4. Instant Karma
John Lennon

5. Listen to What the Man Said
Paul McCartney

6. Big Yellow Taxi
Joni Mitchell

7. Touch of Grey
Grateful Dead (Jerry Garcia)

8. Wild World
Cat Stevens

9. Miss You
Rolling Stones (Ron Wood)











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