Friends First 2 Seasons on Blu-ray

Own the first two seasons of one of TV’s most beloved sitcoms, Friends, on Blu-ray NOW.

Completely remastered in stunning high definition, each 2-disc set includes all 24 episodes along with an UltraViolet
copy and some great bonus features... these are a must own for Friends Fans!

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Season 1 descripton: Season 2 description
You can never have enough Friends. With this DELUXE 2-DISC SET OF THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE, you can have more: each episode contains classic moments every Friends fan will savor. And for all loyal patrons of Central Perk, we’ve brewed up memorable BONUS FEATURES. Revisit the first year in which Rachel (JENNIFER ANISTON), Monica (COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE), Phoebe (LISA KUDROW), Joey (MATT LEBLANC), Chandler (MATTHEW PERRY) and Ross (DAVID SCHWIMMER) charmed audiences worldwide. Through thick and thin, Friends has become one of the most enduring viewing habits in television history. This DELUXE 2-DISC SET OF THE COMPLETE SEASON TWO serves up plenty of laughs and love as Rachel attempts to become more than friends with Ross, Joey’s acting career takes off and Monica begins dating a divorced older man. With memorable moments on every episode and delightful BONUS FEATURES, this season promises to be an exciting experience.