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Did The Crime & Paid The Time 5-15-14


Famous Celebrity Arrests



---Rick James… Incarceration: Two years (1993-1995), Folsom, CA
Crimes: kidnapping, assault, drug possession
Details: Funkster Rick James was already awaiting sentencing for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting music executive Mary Sauger at Hollywood's St. James Club and Hotel when he was arrested for holding another woman hostage and assaulting and raping her for the better part of a week while smoking crack cocaine.
---David Crosby… Incarceration: Eleven months (1985), Huntsville, TX
Crimes: possession of cocaine, illegal weapons
Details: The former Byrds and CSNY member had already run afoul of the law when he was discovered with cocaine residue and unlicensed handguns twice in 1982, and later, still on parole, was accused by two females of assault and battery.
---In 1998, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was arrested for assaulting his wife (and pioneering sex-tape co-star) Pamela Anderson. He was sentenced to six months, during which time Anderson filed for divorce. The exes got back together after Lee was released from prison, but the reconciliation didn't last long. They split up again soon afterward, this time for good

---Gary Glitter… Sentenced to and served 9 months of prison in 1999 for possession of child pornography.  Sentenced to 3 years of prison in 2006 for sexual abuse of a child. Served 2 years and 9 months after an appeal shortened his sentence.

---Eddie Vedder… In 1993 Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was hanging with some pals in New Orleans when things got a little out of hand. It culminated in a 5 a.m. street fight that concluded with Vedder being hauled off to jail on charges of public drunkenness and disturbing the peace. He ended up spending the night, or what was left of it, behind bars.

---Mark Wahlberg… Mark Wahlberg
When: 1986
How long: Served 45 days of a two-year sentence
Why: Charged with attempted murder and assault after attacking a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street and knocking him unconscious with a large wooden stick

---Paul McCartney… In January 1980, Paul McCartney headed to Japan for a tour with Wings but was stopped in Tokyo when customs officials found almost a half-pound of pot stashed in his luggage. The former Beatle ended up spending nine days in jail and was then deported from the country. The concerts were canceled, and McCartney -- who claimed he didn't know weed was illegal in Japan -- had to eat the costs lost by promoters.

---Ozzy… Ozzy Osbourne has had his share of run-ins with the law over the years. But his very first trip to the slammer came in 1965, when he was still known as John and in his teens. The future Prince of Darkness spent seven weeks in a Birmingham prison for failing to pay fines for a burglary conviction. Bonus bust: In 1989 Osbourne was behind bars again, this time for attempting to kill his wife Sharon.

---Billy Preston… Incarceration: Three years (1997), Los Angeles, CA
Crimes: violation of parole for insurance fraud
Details: The veteran keyboardist and Seventies solo star was on parole for his part in a million-dollar insurance scam/arson rap the year before when he was convicted of cocaine possession.



1. Give It to Me Baby
Rick James

2. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
Crosby, Stills & Nash (David Crosby)

3. Doctor Feelgood
Motley Crue

4. Rock 'n Roll Part 2
Gary Glitter

5. Yellow Ledbetter
Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder

6. Good Vibrations
Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch (Mark Wahlberg)

7. Band on the Run
Paul McCartney & Wings

8. Mama, I'm Coming Home
Ozzy Osbourne

9. Nothing from Nothing
Billy Preston