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Slayer's Kerry King Talks Election's Only 'Safe, Correct Choice'

Aside from writing songs about war and historical atrocities, Slayer have hardly been the sort of band to dabble in politics. And while guitarist and chief songwriter Kerry King expects his fans to come to their own conclusion in November, he has made up his mind. "I'm certainly not a political analyst, but I think that Hi…

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Why Joe Walsh Isn't Voting for Hillary Clinton or for Donald Trump

Joe Walsh has revealed that, come November, he won't be casting his vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. In a new interview with the Associated Press, the Eagles guitarist explained: "I am not for any existing candidate but I sure am going to vote on who the judges are where I live because I may have to go t…

This article originally appeared on Why Joe Walsh Isn’t Voting for Hillary Clinton or for Donald Trump ...Read more