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When John Lennon's 'More Popular Than Jesus' Controversy Turned Ugly

"If I'd said, 'Television is more poplar than Jesus,' I might have got away with it!" John Lennon lamented as cameras rolled from each of the three major American TV networks. The cheeky remark drew a laugh from the assembled crowd of journalists, but recently Lennon hadn't been so lucky. It was Au…

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Watch Descendents Trash Rolling Stone's Greatest Punk Albums List

Last month, Rolling Stone hosted the four members of Descendents in our New York City office. The main order of business was to talk with the SoCal pop-punk legends about Hypercaffium Spazzinate – their first album in 12 years, out today – but we also took a few minutes to get their expert opinions on the <a href="…

This article originally appeared on Watch Descendents Trash Rolling Stone’s Greatest Punk Albums List ...Read more