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Miley Cyrus Jealous of Mariah Carey’s Career? Miley Shades Mariah in Interview

Miley Cyrus came for Mariah Carey in a recent interview, published in Elle magazine. During the interview, Cyrus says she was never a fan of Carey because Carey makes music for herself, and she can see right through that. Not sure, what she can see through, but Carey’s fans aren’t having it. Lambs pretty much told her on Twitter, Mariah probably, most likely, almost 100% sure, doesn’t listen to your music either. ...Read more


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Flashback: Pete Townshend Returns to Woodstock in 1998

Everyone remembers Woodstock 1994 for the mud and Woodstock 1999 for the $4 water and the images of sunburned heavy metal fans caked in human excrement setting piles of garbage on fire. But you rarely hear about the 29th anniversary celebration held in August of 1998 at the site of the original festival in Bethel, New York. It was a smaller affair organized by millionaire Alan Gerry, who ...Read more